Neutral oil - for daily care for weapons of various types and metal surfaces.

● Creates a thin protective film;
● Protects the metal from corrosion;
● Ensures the long-term operation of mechanism;
● Gives a low coefficient of triction;
● Working interval from -40 to +50°С;
● Excellent alternative for household use: lubrication of door hinges, locks, sewing machines, threaded joints, etc.

Volume: 100, 210 ml

High penetrating oil - for a qualitative of weapons and metal surfaces.

● High penetrating ability: in the smallest cracks, defects and hard-to-reach places;
● Exfoliate stale dirt and deposits;
● Dissolves and removes aggresive chemicals in the barrel and weapons mechanisms, dried oil and grease, resin;
● Facilitates the movement of loops, bolts, pulleys, bearings, also rusted metal parts;
● Removes moisture, lubricates and prevents rust;
● Equally applicable for both weapons and any metal parts and joints.

Volume: 100, 210 ml

Universal oil - a classic, hight-tech cleaning oil for averyday care of weapons and metal products.

● Removes carbon deposits, metal contaminants and rust;
● Dissolves dried and used grease and oil;
● Provides intensive and reliable protection of weapon mechanisms;
● Prevents corrosion;
● Possesses water-repellent properties.

Volume: 210 ml
Dry lubrication - a highly effective lubricant for metal and plastic parts of almost any mechanism: gun closures, hinges, locks, tools, fishing reels, etc.

● Based on the slippery polymer - polytetrafluoroethylene;
● Easy to spray on any surface;
● DOES NOT dry out instantly;
● Easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places;
● Provides a dust and dirt reppellent effect, facilitates the subsequent cleaning of the mechanisms;
● Reduces galling and wear;
● Wide operating temperature range: -100 to +250 C;
● Corrosion protection;
● Water-repellent properties;
● Not exposed to corroding medium, acids, alkalis.

Volume: 210 ml
An Oil for a long-term storage, long-term protection of weapons and metal parts.

● Creates an equal antifriction protective film on the metal surface;
● Prevents corrosion in the harshest conditions: high humidity, salty air and seawater;
● Excellent conservation properties;
● Does not harden;
● Ensures mechanism's parts equability movement;
● Increases the servise life.

Volume: 100, 210 ml

Foam for simpe and effective cleaning of firearms from all types of fouling.

● Active affects the deposit, deposits, copper-plating;
● Softens the lead;
● Does not contain ammonia;
● Non-toxic, no foul smell;
● Evenly spread throughout the channel of the trunk;
● Safe for gun steel;

Volume: 210, 520 ml
Universal cleaner and degreaser for cleaning and removing grease, oil and debris from firearms and any other surfaces.

● Completely evaporates;
● Does not leave an oil "film" on the surface;
● Recomended for preliminary surface preparation before cold oxidation (blackening).

Volume: 210 ml
A professional tool for removing foci of corrosion, obsolete coating (bluing) on metal surfaces (except for blasting on aluminum products).

● Quickly and effectively removes "cold" blackening/blasting from the metal surface;
● Easy to apply on inclined and vertical surfaces;
● Does not drain;
● Improves the adhesion of paint and primers;
● Wide rande of application: body parts and aggregates of auto, motorcycle and other equipment, weapons, metal fences and fences, water and gas pipes, gutters and other metal products of any scale.

Volume: 50 ml
Professional solvents for high-quality removal of copper, lead and powder fouling in gun barrels.

CUPRUM REMOVER - quickly affects the metal deposits.
CUPRUM REMOVER NEW - active composition without ammonia, can be leaved for a long time in the barrel.

● Dissolve unwanted metal deposits;
● Immediate visible effect of the active components of compounds;
● Do not affect weapons steel and alloys;
● Improve the accuracy of the shot.

Volume: 100 ml
Composition for quick cold blackening / blasting and restoration of metal parts of weapons and other metal products.

● Easy and quick blackening;
● Adds a rich black color;
● Retains color for a long time;
● Wide application range: for gunsmiths, decorators and restorers;

Volume: 50 ml
Composition for rapid cold blackening / blasting of surfaces and parts from aluminum and its alloys, as well as restoration of the existing coating.

● Resistant, rich black matte color;
● Suitable for most aluminum alloys;
● Used to care for weapons, for restoration work and decorative finishing of aluminum products.

Volume: 100 ml
Protective water repellent coating for fabric and leather.
A unique tool for protecting fabric and leather surfaces / products from moisture.

● Forms a protective, invisible film aroun the fibers of the material;
● Provides a visible hydrophobic surface effect;
● Prevents the penetration of water;
● Facilitates easy cleaning.

Volume: 100, 210 ml